Spider Mike King


photograph (c) Daniel Parker

Spider Mike is a veteran on the Manchester music scene, one of the unsung heroes whose sullen independence helps give the Manchester brand its balls. Distilled Records roll out the red carpet for him, offering supine respect.

Spider Mike’s exacting standards might be one of the reasons that he isn’t a familiar name… if it ain’t right, no deal is done and nothing goes out. He’s as driven now as ever, and the focus that he brings to performance and recording is there in the writing as well. Age does not dim his baleful glare, or soften his edge, but there’s a reflective quality about his work now that acknowledges the suffering of others as well as himself

Every aspect of Mike’s contribution is exactly what Distilled is about: straight from the heart onto tape, from the artist to the listener; great playing and no bull. And be sure, if you ever get the chance to see the man live, what you’ll hear will be every bit as good as his recordings … and you’ll also have the pleasure of his charmingly menacing company.


The Blood River Sessions 1 EP is available HERE