Steve Dowling & The Obliviates

photograph (c) Kim Ayres

Steve Dowling put the Obliviates together to record an album of his songs in 2011. Five rehearsals, then ‘Urchin’ was recorded live at Unit 7 Studios in a day, the album mixed, mastered and manufactured within a week. A couple of release dates were meant to be the end of the project, but by then the band was getting its teeth into the songs, and like a dog with a fresh bone just wouldn’t let go. And the more songs Steve throws their way, the harder they devour them, and the stronger the band becomes.

Year 2 and Steve Dowling & The Obliviates release second long player ‘Lord Of Nowhere’ to rave reviews, the band take to the festival circuit and even grab some BBC Radio airplay along the way. Steve Dowling & The Obliviates really start to make people notice them with such brilliantly realized tracks as Independence Day…

So into their 3rd year, and working on their 3rd album, they’re spreading further afield, a distant sound, dark and soft, hard and bright, damaged goods re-booted, roots noir, swamp rock, liquid fire to sooth the body and sear the soul, rolling out from the Galloway Hills of South West Scotland to a town near you…

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“Impresses with its passion and relatively unadorned honesty
David Innes Rock N Reel Magazine

“Steve Dowling & The Obliviates might just save your life”
David Oldham Distilled Records

“few songwriters have such an immediately identifiable technique as Dowling”
Glen Cooksley BBC Radio

“Without doubt, the highlight of the (Distilled Records) catalog”
Bruce McKenzie D&G Life Magazine

“One of the finest artists I’ve heard in a long time”
David Ewing David Ewing Music

“Original and compelling”
Steve Amos Rock N Reel Magazine


Urchin and Lord Of Nowhere LPs available HERE