Al Price And Huey Dowling

Al Price (harmonicas) And Huey Dowling (guitar & vocal) first worked together on Al’s album ‘Blues Is The Roots‘ (Distilled Records 2009).

They have toured and played numerous studio sessions, concerts and fesivals together ever since. Gaining fans, friends and collaborators all over the world…

Al Price And Huey DowlingIn March of 2016, they began an  improvisation project … building up layers of sound with loops and various instruments. It makes for a dynamic blend of invention, as the sounds mingle and curl like crazy smoke, pursuing some unspoken note.

The audience gets to see and hear two guys making it up as they go along, never quite sure where it’s going, but secure in their vituosity and be assured, the first time you hear whatever they’re playing is also the first for them too, an unusual and rare experience; catch them if you can!

Praise for Al Price ‘Blues Is The Roots‘ album (distilled Records 2009)

One of the most unique, and diverse harmonica players in the world today… World Of Harmonica

It is an ambitious debut album with a broad range of music and styles…. Harmonica World

He takes the instrument and the listener to some very intriguing places….. Blues Matters

Demonstrates Price’s remarkable fluidity…. R2/Rock n Reel

Blues Is The Roots available HERE